I am a neuroscientist specializing in discovering CNS disease biomarkers and conducting early stage studies for drug discovery. 

I am currently a scientist at Circuit Therapeutics, where I use optogenetics to achieve cell-type specific manipulation of brain circuits to learn how cell activities alter behavior. My project aims at understanding the brain circuits involved in feeding and metabolism, with the goal of developing novel therapies for obesity and metabolic diseases (press release).

I am broadly interested in improving the process of translating from disease models to human therapeutics. At the moment, I am also looking for better ways to motivate in-vivo experiments using the knowledge we gain from genomics data.

My background and training include a PhD in systems neuroscience from UC Berkeley, human neuroimaging (PET/fMRI), and experience driving preclinical discovery projects in a start-up environment (Circuit Therapeutics) and in pharmaceutical companies (Boehringer Ingelheim, Genentech).