I am currently a scientist at Circuit Therapeutics, where I use optogenetic technology to investigate neuronal circuits involved in eating, with the goal of developing new treatments for obesity and metabolic diseases. You can read more about my project in this press release from Circuit Therapeutics. I recently completed my PhD in Shaowen Bao’s lab at the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute at UC Berkeley. During my PhD, I became increasingly interested in clinical applications of neuroscience research. Following this passion I also worked as an intern in the Biomedical Imaging Department at Genentech in Robby Weimer’s lab.

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in how changes in the brain and nervous system affect perception and behavior. My PhD project aimed at understanding the changes in the auditory cortex following hearing loss and how they relate to a hearing disorder, tinnitus. Prior to my PhD, I studied how the neurotransmitter dopamine affects an individual's ability to learn and remember. You can find brief description of these projects on the Science page.

Art & outreach

I am passionate about promoting science through art. My projects range from print and digital media (Art Director at the Berkeley Science Review magazine), to interactive art (Project Manager for Dr. Brainlove).